Our vision

Around the world, vital systems operate in ways that are not sustainable over the long run. We aspire to be a catalyst for system-level change in various sectors of the economy.


About us

We specialize in incubating and scaling system-level change in resource-intensive industries and in complex natural systems through strategic innovation partnerships with visionary corporations, R&D centers, universities, startups & foundations, and through a Venture Factory investment and operating model that leverages the advanced biological, material science and digital technologies of the Fourth Industrial Revolution.


Our Venture Factory Portfolio


IoT and Artificial Intelligence 'animates' physical and natural assets & infrastructures, machines, and operations in real time and enables a step-change in planning, optimization and risk management decision making.


Smart contracts on the blockchain allows natural and physical assets, infrastructures and processes to interact in predictable ways and with business models we could not dream of 10 years ago.


Combining Synthetic Biology, Artificial Intelligence & Robotics enables a massive productivity increase in the design-build-test-learn cycle of innovative bioengineering routes to produce new bio-products and bio-materials.


Fourth Industrial Revolution