Continuum of Impact

We dream up, create and operate advanced technology ventures in a ‘public-private continuum’ spanning all the way from multi-stakeholder public benefit ventures to fully commercial ones.


System-Wide Change Platforms

Our innovation approach to public purpose system-wide change.

1. Identify

Identify the catalytic levers that can drive the system-level change proposed.

2. Convene

Convene a multi-stakeholder working group that prioritizes the levers for system-level change first and that then over time becomes the Coalition of the Willing needed to champion the public benefit venture along its lifecycle towards impact.

3. Co-Design

Co-design the proof of concepts and prototypes for the advanced technology solutions and platforms prioritized in close partnership with the multi-stakeholder working group.

4. Build

Build the proof of concepts and prototypes to be tested in controlled environments and in the field.

5. Sandbox

Work out the operational, regulatory and technological gaps that may need to be addressed in a sandbox environment.

6. Transfer

Once a governance and business model that are fit for purpose are in place, transfer the public benefit venture to its natural home for achieving global impact at scale.


Venture Building and Scaling Process

Our disciplined venturing process is gated at various stages starting with the Problems We Want To Solve followed by Internal Proofs of Concept that may become Platform NewCos before we can spin-off and scale Product-focused Growth ventures.